7 Reasons Why The Word “Friendzone” Needs to die

So the term is widely played along amongst the youth after our favorite 'Joey' from FRIENDS used it. But let’s get it straight if you wait nine years like Ross to tell your girl that you like her, you are certainly putting yourself in the situation where a girl will think you just want to be friends. So, for all the guys out there, here's why you should just STOP using the term friendzone just because you were too lazy or scared to make the move. Here are the reasons why it needs to die. And, all the girls will definitely agree. 1.) Because making the girl a scapegoat just because you did not make your move is easy. Yes, putting blame on the other person is the easiest. Making others feel guilty could not be done any better than by accusing her for putting you in friendzone category. Guess what? You need to make the move and tell her right away and not wait for years. 2.) Because returning the same feelings is not her obligation. So let’s get it straight, you can’t force anyone to love you. You can’t say you have done so much for her and she didn’t love you. Who asked you to do it? If you are a nice person you would do it anyway, right? 3.) Because if it’s a guy thing, it’s a girl thing also. Yup. That’s true and everyone has to accept it. Girls also get put down by guys and more so some boys put girls as a backup option. So, now you can’t say you have never put a girl in freindzone. You don’t see girls crying about it out loud. 4.) Because the whole concept is made up. The term got famous after Joey used it for Ross in American sitcom FRIENDS. So, don't be cool and use it every now and then without any purpose! 5.) Because it is just a coping mechanism. People just use this term because they can’t take the fact that someone hasn’t reciprocated their feelings. Well it’s not their job to do so. Nobody owes anyone anything, right? 6.) Because it is sexist in a way. Because women don’t exist to serve you. In fact nobody exists in this world to serve anyone but themselves. Instead for you, she has put you in friendzone because she wants you to value this friendship without any sexual favors. What a slut! 7.) Because being nice to someone shouldn't be taken otherwise! You shouldn’t expect to get a cookie for being nice to a girl. In fact, you should be nice to everyone and you don’t get anything in return for things you should be doing anyway.

7 Things Only A Person With OCD Knows To Be True

People with OCD have a hard time being certain. It’s like breathing, you are doing it involuntary but the only difference is you wish you could just control it. Having OCD is pain in the ass and it’s same as going high without actually without drinking. So instead of going crazy and sad about it why not laugh at your problems? Everybody else does. 1.) It is a must to wash your hands several times! *Bacteria Alert* Okay people back off and spare me some two three hours to clean my hands. Yes, you are constantly unsure whether you have cleaned your hands properly because you are very finicky about germs and bacteria not leaving you by washing your hands just once! 2.) You have an urge to check the stove again and again! You are all set to go to bed and when you finally lay down on your bed you worry about the gas stove being left on. Your journey from bed to kitchen goes on non-stop till morning. 3.) You find peace in symmetry and achieving that kinda balances your life. Organizing things and putting everything in order is like you have achieved something big in your life. You can’t pay attention to anything if things are in total chaos. You even nag your friends about it. 4.) You panic because of your constant fear of unlocked doors. You check your doors more than couple of times to make sure that you have bolted it. You also ask others to make sure that you have locked it. *Sigh Sigh* 5.) You keep checking for dust before sitting. Watching the seat for several minutes whenever you sit is your daily routine. Even after cleaning it and whiffing it off you fear that you sat on dirt. 6.) You totally fear of getting spit on by someone. You try to stay as far as possible while talking to someone. You are more afraid of getting spit on than you are of death. Even if the person hasn’t spit you wash your face after talking to them. 7.) Performing a task is like a ritual for you. You know the importance of following the actions step by step and it eats you inside that you haven’t ejected the pen drive in safe mode, ten times just in case.

7 Signs That You Mom Is Actually Your Best Friend

Rightly said... A mother is a gift of God. She is most beautiful form of creation. She is always there to help, laugh, protect you and can not only understand your mood but also read your silence. She is undoubtedly the backbone of your spine keeping you straight throughout. From the very day you entered her life, she quit thinking about herself and only thought about you and your well-being. Consider yourself the luckiest if you have your mom around. Here are the signs to prove you are fortunate enough to have her by your side and you couldn't ask for a better best friend than her. 1.) She is your ultimate soul mate. Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend to fill up this space. You do the most ridiculous things possible with her and end up with a crazy memory. Shopping, movies or just having a sip of coffee with her can make your day. Entirely! 2.) You tell her almost everything under the sun and yet she never judges you. She knows that she’s been through the same and as a mother she’s always there to uplift you and guides you to become a better person, instead of judging and doubting you. She reminds you at every step how proud she is to have you. 3.) You can not only share secrets about yourself, but also about your friends and their friends and so on. And how cool is that? Unlike when you tell one of your friends and they end up telling some other friend and eventually the whole world knows. In short, your mom totally rocks at keeping secrets. 4.) She never quits on you, no matter what! No matter how much you fuss about. Your mom never gets fed up of your complaints. She tries to understand your situation and always has your back. 5.) She is your partner in crime. Well, your cool mom never goes bonkers or flips out over your decision of getting a tattoo or a body piercing. You don’t need to live in fear of her reaction if she finds out. She knows it’s a part of your personality and it’s not as big deal as people make it out to be. 6.) She stands up for you against the world as and when required. We know how most judgmental people make a hue and cry over nothing and exaggerate things about you, but your mom in turn asks them to hush up and mind their own business. And last but not the least... 7.) She is the best motivator and guide you could ever ask for! She knows how life in a fast lane is and sometimes it gets difficult to handle things. When you are this close to calling it quits, she becomes the strongest source of motivation you'd ever need. She is the best support pillar you can ever have. Period.

7 Qualities That Prove You Are A Total Badass Musician With A Rounded Personality!

We all know being a musician is really a 'badass' profession. When they are always stereotyped with lousy comments like, “Hobby shobby to theek hai beta, kaam kya karte ho” by the people who don’t really know that there’s a whole another world out there if they look beyond engineering and MBBS. This is an ode to all you passionate and dedicated musicians who not only live for music but also understand the value of being a true blue music lover! Cheers to being a musician. 1.) You cannot go without your instrument even a single day. No matter how busy your work is keeping you, you will find an interval within it to play it. You won’t be able to focus on anything other than your music if you can’t fit into somewhere in between your caught up schedule. 2.) You kickass and get time out to play your beloved instrument even when you work odd hours. Your day not always goes as planned and it is really hectic when your job and music get jumbled up but you manage somehow to balance it. You never know when you get a call for an impromptu gig but you always put your best foot forward. 3.) You are not only passionate about music but also about life. For you... Music is life! You are passionate about everything. You want to try out different things, go to different places and hang out with other chilled out people. Basically, you put your heart and soul in to everything. 4.) You are creative in every aspect. A musician is not only creative in his own paddock but in every sphere. You manage to handle your expenses like a pro and somehow manage to come out alive “when you have too much month left at the end of your money”! 5.) You are a philosopher and quite a huge impact on people’s life. Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and the list is endless. Well, it comes as a complimentary gift to a musician. It is not only in theory but also proved that musical training lifts helps the brain’s capacity to detect emotions in sound. In short, musicians may be better at reading subtle emotional cues in conversation. 6.) You are quite famous when it comes to the opposite gender. You know looks and other superficial meaningful things don’t matter when you are being liked by girls/boys if you are a musician. They like you for who you are and well, who knows how many are truly curious as to how 'really' passionate you are. 7.) Your favoritism does kick in when it comes to your favorite art from which is music, nonetheless, you also respect every other art form as well. You know what hard work it requires to reach the place you really desire. The process of struggle makes you humble, patient and down to earth. That struggle sis what taught you that every other art is as respectful as yours.

8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Your First Internship But You Should Know

So you are all excited for your first ever internship, thinking you have entered a whole new part of your adult life, which is somewhat true but as they say there is no sunshine without rain. Your first internship teaches you much more than just the basics of the field of internship. Here are the things you will go through if you have just started or going to start your first internship. 1.) Your boss/mentor is not as sweet as they appear on interview! Of course, they will act sweet and nice while interviewing you because the thing about having an intern in the companyis to do that extra work that no one is ready to do! 2.) Prepare to do yours as well as other’s work! *Running time* Yes, most probably you will end up doing other things but your own. It is possible that your seniors in your department might also throw their work on you. 3.) You'll just be entering the big bad harsh world but anyway will be expected to be jack of all trades! Yes, they know you're doing things for the first time but if you think they will be gentle with you if you make a mistake then you're highly mistaken. They would except you to be professional even if it’s your internship and yes it sucks. 4.) Having said that of course, they will not spoon feed you! Even if you have a team with mentors they mostly won’t guide you but still want each and everything done perfectly well, from presentations to letter writing. Well, it's not all that bad because Google is your guide. 5.) They will put you on work mode in a loop! *24x7* Behold! You might be doing the same task for few days again and again. Sometimes, it's okay and other times not-so-good. So you might get grilled and drilled. 6.) Your seniors will willingly squeeze out every bit of energy left in in you to get things done! They will follow you like a shadow and keep an eye on you, on your computer screen, will spy on your shoulder and basically want you to complete a job that takes 2 hours in half an hour. But, no worries! You're preparing for a better future! *Time management skills* 7.) You are expected to be proactive and take up responsibility like a full-time employee. After all, you are the chosen one and you are getting an opportunity to work with a reputed brand like theirs! Of course, you gotta take your shit seriously! 8.) And, sometimes you don’t get work at all Well getting loads of work and nothing are both irritable. Sometimes you might not get work at all during your internship, so make sure you at least observe people around you to learn something.

7 Reasons Why You Just Can't Wait For DIWALI!

This is one festival you wait for throughout the year, simply because you get a lot of incentives and it brings about a festive vibe, welcoming the winters! You're super duper excited because everyone is in the mood for holidays and life has all of a sudden started feeling a lot better! Yay! Then there are food, lights, rangolis and firecrackers that elevate your mood all the more and so, here are some things you will relate to if you can;t wait for Diwali. #SuperExcited 1.) Because here's another excuse to shop more! #FestiveSale What can make anyone more happy than knowing that they can shop for things, half the price. Hot deals, complimentary gifts and what not. This is the time in the year when even your parents don’t stop you. Basically, shop till you drop! 2.) Have a sweet tooth? Eat as much as you want because it's Diwali!!! The festival of Diwali and gorging on sweets goes hand-in-hand. Not only your mother makes and bakes sweets but you receive so many mithai boxes from relatives and friends that you are always spotted eating them! Diwali is incomplete without it and no one's counting! 3.) At last, you get to meet your entire family and cousins! #SoMuchFun Getting together on festivals is one thing everybody looks forwards to. Everybody comes together to celebrate it with full zest and enthusiasm. Of course, what matters more than meeting your family and sharing a laugh or two? 4.) Prepping for Diwali itself brings about a sparking excitement amongst all of us. Be it selecting the lightings, diyas or buying new things on the occasion; you are enthralled by it all. You prepare weeks in advance as to what is it that you want for Diwali this year! 5.) And, how can you forget the fire crackers! Even if you don't burst them, you love watching them in the sky! Some of us are just way too excited to burst sutli bombs, chakris, fountains, or just sparklers! While the others just enjoy the show in the sky! 6.) And, of course the holidays that you're awaiting! For school kids it's probably around 10-15 days off and for working people it's a 4 day off; so basically everybody is raving about the free time that the festival brings in. It is like a mini vacation with your family which is super duper fun! 7.) To make the prettiest rangoli and putting up exclusive lighting around the house! The festive air has started pouring in and you just can't wait to start making rangolis and arrange diyas and lightings in and around your house.

7 Totally Unjustified “MYTHS” About Feminism That Need To Stop Right About Now!

When the world is evolving and smashing patriarchy, when women are standing up for their rights which were they deprived off, when there is so much awareness about women’s rights, when they clearly know about their worth and are not settling for anything less and when they only want what they deserve; not more than that not less than that. There is always a group of people who hinder the progress and criticize the notion without even actually understanding it. Spreading false misconceptions is “NOT A COOL” thing. Stand up for the right things, it's high time. 1.) Feminists hate men. What crazy radical things are these man-haters asking for? Primarily, the rights to own property, to attend college, and to vote. First of 'Feminism' has anything to do with 'MEN'. It’s about getting equal right and respect for who you are and what you want. We DO NOT HATE men. A real feminist knows there is no progress without equality. 2.) We want superiority. NO! Feminism has nothing to do with being superior. We want equality. No one is superior to any one. Just because we belong to a particular gender doesn’t mean we have to defend it and say we are superior. 3.) Feminist are angry obnoxious women. Okay! So you want us to hear things like “Go make me a sandwich” and “Women are there to please men” and to be okay with it? Well, not only a woman but a man will also get angry if he can figure out the difference between right or wrong. We are not here to smash men. We are here to smash patriarchy. 4.) Feminists aren’t willing to address men’s issues. We want as much as justice for men as we want for ourselves. The only thing we plead to people is that if there is anything being said in all fairness for women people are expected not to be insensitive about it and bring the problems of opposite gender into it to justify the horrendous act done to women. That is why we have different groups for both the genders to address the issues. 5.) Feminists think all men are rapists. Seriously, where is this even coming from? We do not think all men are rapists because all men are not. Just like you wouldn’t point at a random person today and blame them for racism, we can’t blame an individual man today for a history of sexism. 6.) Feminism is only women’s issue. Well, as a matter of fact it is as much as your issue as it is ours. And why not? You want your sister and upcoming generation, your future daughter, not to go through all the oppressions of society and be what they want to be and not what society expects them to be. After all, every being in this universe has rights which we are no one to take those away from them. 7.) Feminists are attention seekers. Suggesting that feminists are just a bunch of attention seekers is in of itself evidence of serious sexism. When we rant about animal abuse, child labor and other societal movements we are being thoughtful about the society but the minute we talk about women’s discrimination, we are doing it to victimize ourselves. No woman enjoys retaliation from a privileged man. So, being upset about it is nothing short of ridiculous!

8 Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Not A Child’s Play

Every story begins with an extraordinary writing skill, be it your real life where you create your own destiny to make it the best story of your life or be it a fiction story for books or virtual world. I am sure you've come across people who asked what you do for a living and when you tell them that you write, all they can come up with is, "Woh toh main bhi kar sakta/sakti hoon; that's so easy!" So, here's an answer to all the questions of people who think writing is everybody's cup of tea. Well, writers, you can thank me later! 1.) Being good is certainly not good enough! Any literate person can write but that does not always imply you can be a good writer too. You need to be exceptionally well to stand out. It takes hundreds of thousands of words to master writing. Don’t think you’re going to stumble upon success overnight. 2.) It's not your " Baiye Haath Ka Khel" and you need to practice every day! You need to write every day whether you are working or not to improve your skills and be impromptu. It will bring out a more professional and intellectual side of you. Bringing out the best and perfecting the art of using words to suit the context is what makes a good writer. 3.) Your work gets rejected a million times! It's definitely not a cake walk. Yes, it's the ugly truth. Whether you have put your soul into writing sometimes it just doesn't work. You may argue about having a different perspective but at the end of the day ask you end up with making changes. And of course, a writer needs to be very patience and calm for this. 4.) You have to master different writing styles. That's correct; a writer has to be versatile and have a deep imagination to bring that into his/her work. If you are not versatile you might end up getting stuck only to a monotonous writing style that might make you less valuable and remember, monotony is not what a writer really likes! 5.) You have to read a lot, like a lot! Whether it bores the hell out of you or you're genuinely interested to read; anyway you got to do, what you ought to do! You have to make yourself aware of the current topics and trends to make the most of it and sometimes it’s worth the read. 6.) Of course, you have to follow rules and guidelines! Who said there's no rule while writing? You have to write responsibly and for some writers it might be a nightmare, abiding by rules but that's the way it is and it's definitely not a piece of cake. 7.) Brace yourself for the criticism! No matter how much you have considered your piece from all perspectives still there'll be people who will criticize your opinions and thoughts. As they say “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches”. 8.) You need to have the writing skills even if you are from another field. Be it a social media specialist, project manager, product description strategist etc; all of these fields need a professional to have a grasp on their writing skills in order to be successful in their respective fields. It is actually not as easy as some people think it is.

Why It’s Ridiculous That Anushka Is Trolled For Kohli’s Performance. Every. Single. Time

We know that Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were dating each other until quite recently. Since the beginning, the troll army took to social media in full swing, not sparing a moment to degrade Sharma in some way or the other. The trolls and memes about Anushka reached a new height of ignominy during the 2016 Aus vs. Ind ICC World Cup semi-final match in Sydney when she was at the stadium to cheer Kohli. Even if the audience hardly cared about the starlet being there supporting her beau, the camera continuously focused on her as though the game would be incomplete without such visuals. Cricket matches in India do not need cheap maneuvers for TRP (with fans already being so obsessed), yet media tends to escalate frivolous issues to excite viewers, frequently crossing limits of decorum. She wasn’t only trolled that day but some cricket fanatics, with no personal connection to Virat or Anushka whatsoever, abused the actress using rather derogatory slangs. They blamed her for Virat’s performance on Twitter (a place I find to be full of negative people channeling their energy to bullyrag others at the drop of a hat). Now, let me draw a parallel hypothesis for this – you go to an examination, and your parents accompany you for moral support. You don’t perform well in this exam and score the bare minimum. This is when everyone starts blaming your parents for your poor performance. Pure logic! But of course, Anushka and Virat are not the first ones in the league. Remember Sangeeta Bijlani and Azharuddin? According to the media back then, she was the reason for his steadily deteriorating performance, terming her to be a “bad influence” on him. Ridicule, insult and direct blame. As per some, the success of a man is because he works hard but the failure is because the woman distracted him. It’s intriguing how this equation shifts exactly 360 degrees round for women. A woman’s success is dependent on the man, and how he helped her out and stood by her but her failure, of course, is simply the result of her being born part of an incapable gender – destined to fail. This shows us the medieval mindset that people are stuck with even today. A clear manifestation of sexist tropes. This prejudice is not only present in our culture. Most women who date a famous personality are seen to be at the receiving end of public ire; irrespective of the woman’s own profession and the challenges she faces at her work. Let me bring other similar instances to light. Let’s look at yet another incident where Jessica Simpson became the “Jinx” because of which her ex-boyfriend Tony Romo displayed the worst performance of his career apparently. The horrible old ‘kulta‘ angle. Even in America. Imagine! Recently during the T20 India vs. Australia match, Anushka yet again became the target. This time, she wasn’t even at the venue cheering Virat. But that didn’t stop the troll army or the memes because the gravity of the situation was much worse than ever before this time. According to these people, Virat Kohli performed well this time because Anushka Sharma broke up with him so that he could focus solely on his game. Woman throughout history has been delegated the role of scapegoats for men’s shortcoming and failures. Yes, scapegoat, because clearly it is too difficult for society to accept that men can fail to deliver (not to mention the pressure it puts on men). For people, a male always performs exceptionally well in his profession because his biological gender has designed him for ‘winning’. “A man always gives his best“, so we can’t blame him, but hey look! We can always blame the woman right?!It is also a case of gender Performativity. Men are expected to optimize their physical strength to perform and give their best every time. We tend to forget that celebrities/athletes are humans like us. They are doing their job, just like you and I do. We have our bad days and good days. If any day your performance was not up to the mark, is it okay for people to blame your partner for this?! By feeding these trolls, by ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ what memes, etc. they come up with, consciously or unconsciously we are only encouraging this calcifying misogyny. So let’s not anymore because it is neither fair nor logical.

I Support JNU Students Completely, But Not This Display Of Sexism

The in-vogue JNU row has and is making people discern many revealing facts and realities. I myself relentlessly supported JNU, wrote articles and created a series of posts extending my support to it. It was from the beginning an issue of equality of all kinds, be it religious, gender-based, racial, caste etc. We witnessed some people disguised as nationalists disgracing themselves when they showed their prevailing sexist and patriarchal mentality of male ascendancy and entitlement while mouthing off their stance on the JNU issue. Women have been called prostitutes, sex workers, sluts, whores, bazaaru and what not. Now this name-calling is actually not an insult in a feminist’s book but is a clear manifestation of toxic masculinity. People supporting JNU took an immediate stand on it and condemned this. This discourse gradually brought increasing numbers of people from all sides putting forth their views about it. One of the latest issues raised was by a woman named Kamlesh Narwana, former JNUite and now a teacher in Delhi University, who questioned Kanhaiya’s credentials to speak on the dignity of women. She wrote an open letter to him on her social media account and claimed that Kanhaiya misbehaved and threatened her of dire consequences when she caught him urinating in public to which she had objected. Now, without listening to her side of the story calmly, people instantly started questioning the timing of raising the issue. To the people who raised this question, if you are following everything on this issue, you must be aware of the fact that she has been openly writing about this instance since the day it happened. So, questioning the motive of the timing of the issue raised shouldn’t make sense. Every girl has the right to come out and boldly talk about any harassment and misbehaviour whenever she wants. We saw many articles that were written in favour of Kanhaiya. One of these had the headline ‘Now the issue is he peed’. No, no and, again, no. The issue is not that he peed. The issue is harassment, misbehaviour and aggressive display of masculinity. The issue here is not peeing in public, although it should be an issue but not in this context. The issue is this: when a woman raises her voice, people instantly question her credibility. As a JNU student, she reported the incident when Kanhaiya was found guilty and charged with a fine of Rs. 3,000 by a Proctor officer. Now, as feminists, all of us should condemn what is wrong irrespective of the side we’re on. I’m with JNU, but I will not support anything blindly. The outfit which Kanhaiya belongs to, AISF, stated, “Kanhaiya had no altercation with her and he wasn’t even called by the proctorial committee in the case. While we respect the girl’s decision to criticise Kanhaiya, we find the timing of this news suspicious. All of this is part of a plan to malign him.” The report by Chief Proctor that is out officially clearly states that Kanhaiya was found guilty of misbehaving and threatening a student. Here, I would like to draw a parallel with the recent Kesha incident. The brave singer finally stood up and made a decision to come out and expose her molester. What happened next? Some people blamed her; said she wants publicity and started questioning her. The ‘victim blaming game’ has been played well by many people for so long. Irrespective of the side we’re on, we should not encourage this as it not only helps the accused avoid culpability but also makes it harder for other people to come forward and report abuse. I am not labelling Kanhaiya a monster. But, the fact that people and Kanhaiya are completely dismissing this very fact is upsetting. People make mistakes. We are all humans and nobody is a saint, including myself. But, one who accepts a mistake is the real hero. The fight was started for justice and equality for all and of all kinds. I am quoting one of my fellow feminists here. “Somewhere in the fight for social equality they forget the battle for equality of sexes.” Just like we want ‘azaadi’ from fascism, as women and as feminists, we want azaadi from patriarchy, sexism, misogynists, toxic masculinity, homophobia and other forms of inequities. Our fellow Pakistani feminists chanted the slogan of azaadi and it was popularised by eminent and respected feminist Kamla Bhasin. Let’s not forget where it came from and what it means. “Meri behane maange Azaadi, meri bachhi maange Azaadi, naari ka naara Azaadi From patriarchy Azadi from all hierarchy Azadi from endless violence Azadi from helpless silence Azadi.”

So Rough! Anushka Sharma’s Look for ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ is One to Die For

The look from the upcoming movie of Anushka along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan which is being produced by Karan Johar has recently surfaced on the internet. It is being speculated that this is the first look of Anushka Sharma. According to the director, “the film is a triangular love story between Anushka Sharma, Ranbir kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has a lot of fashion and style in it.” We totally agree to this statement as Anushka looks rough and raw wearing ripped jeans, tank top, black boots and matching junk jewellery. What do you think of this look?

Alluring! Kriti Sanon Made a Perfect Maverick Bride for Monisha Jaising

Monisha Jaising showed her latest collections on day three of Amazon India Couture Week 2015. Kriti Sanon was one of the celebrity showstopper who closed the show forMonisha Jaising’s collection named ‘The Sailing Bride’. She carried the look like a typical modern Indian wearing highly-embellished Indian bridal. She wore a jersey lehenga , spaghetti top and a heavy red dupatta. Kriti Sanon was blown away by the idea behind the collection where the bride has themehandi, jewellery and bridal dupatta but at the same time she has her tattoos and her body art, a pony tail, sneakers with some embroidery on it which is very sporty.

5 #PeppHot Bollywood Stars and their Companions in Working Out!

Few weeks after their wedding the couple were spotted coming out of the gym in Mumbai. The actor takes his workout very seriously and now his wife has also joined him. How cute is that, Wifey Mira is his latest gym buddy. The couple were spotted, hand in hand, coming out of a gym. Shahid was dressed in track pants and grey hoodie while his better half was wearing black tank top and printed blue leggings. How protective does Shahid look while holding Mira’s hands. Isn’t it adorable? Shahid and Mira are not the only gym buddies. There are many Bollywood’s gym buddies who work out together. Take a look: 1. Sisters and Besties Hit the Gym The lovely sisters, hit the gym together looking completely stunning. Working out with friends and sisters, becomes even more fun, these ladies prove this. 2. Mandira and Sohail Work Out Together Mandira Bedi and Sohail Khan look absolutely energetic and fresh in this gym selfie! So, much fun to have an inspiration like these in the work out session. 3. Hrithik and Mom Raise the Temperature This handsome hunk with his worked out body is a treat to the eyes! He is surely an inspiration to his energetic mom. 4. The Terrific Trio Hit the Gym Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, all three of them bonded well on the sets of ‘Gunday‘ and started working out together. Triple the fun triple the work out. 4. Bipasha Basu and Her Gym Companion Fitness expert Deanne Pandey is also Bipasha Basu’s bestie, so it is obvious for two of them to hit the gym together. So is it true that Friends who work out together, stay together?

That’s Hot! Shruti Haasan Stole the Limelight for ‘Welcome Back’ in Glitters

Shruti Haasan looked stunning on the sets of ‘Welcome Back’ an upcoming comedy flick. She wore shimmering short number with matching glittering boots and high pony tail. She was paired up with John Abraham for the first time to groove on a track for the movie which is a sequel to the 2007 laugh riot ‘Welcome’. She wore a short dress from Rajat K Tangri’s Summer-Resort 2013 Collection. Just seeing the outfit, it looked like she was going to burn the dance floor. The overall look with the embellished sequined gown was perfect for the party theme. What do you think?

Varun Dhawan Rejected Hindi Remake of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

The much talked about Hindi remake of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ will no longer have Varun Dhawan as the lead protagonist. He rejected it because of the date issues. Another speculation was that Sushant Singh Rajput has been offered the role but recently he announced on Twitter that he has not been approached for the film. Rumors are that Deepika Padukone will play the role of Hazel in the Hindi remake. Well, now we can only wait till the makers of the film themselves announce officially. Who do you think should play Augustus Waters?

Spotted: Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone Chilling Together in London

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were spotted in London shopping together and having fun. They are there to celebrate Ranveer’s 30th birthday and sure they are having a blast. Fans also got excited and clicked few selfies with the stars. The two have been going strong for quite a long time and we will get to see their awesome chemistry in their upcoming movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The two are looking ravishing as ever. Right?

Aamir Khan Takes the Twitter and Facebook Road for Talent Hunt

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and his production house is searching for a girl who can sing Hindi Bollywood songs. He has asked his followers on Twittter and Facebook to share the post to help them search the best talent. Making the best use of Social Media, Amir Khan has proved he keeps up with the modern world. We think it’s the best way to search for talent on Social Media without any biases. The production house is known for launching fresh and best talents to the induction. So, will you be participating?
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